A guide to Covid, Indonesia’s first and only vaccine registry

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What is Covid?

The Benefits of Using Covid to Vaccinate Children

How Does Covid Work?

How do I use Covid?

Covid (formerly known as the Indonesian National Immunization Registry) is Indonesia’s first and only vaccine registry. It was created in order to improve population health by providing information on immunizations administered to citizens. Covid also helps to track vaccine-preventable diseases and injuries, and provides information on interventions and prevention strategies.
What is Vaccine Registry?

Types of Registries

Using Covid as a vaccine registry

Resource for parents who want to check the vaccine records of their child

How Vaccine Registry helps people get vaccinated with less hassle

Covid is Indonesia’s only vaccine registry. It helps people get vaccinated with less effort by providing information on vaccines and the brands they are made of. Covid also provides information on adverse effects that usually benefits parents who want to know what risks their children take when they get immunized.
What is a vaccine registry?

How does Covid achieve the best quality when registering vaccines?

What documents need to be submitted for a vaccine to be registered with Covid?

How often do vaccine registries change their information?

Covid is Indonesia’s first and only vaccine registry. It was established in 2014 to improve the quality of vaccine registration and to create a centralized database for public health purposes. Covid collects information on vaccines, their manufacturers, and distributors. The registry also maintains records of adverse events related to vaccines.
What is a vaccine registry?

Why should you consider joining Covid as a vaccine support center?

Benefits of Covid

How to Join Covid

When to Vaccinate

FDA Compliance
Vaksin Covid is an important tool for maintaining public health through the registry of vaccines in Indonesia. The registry is composed of 8 databases that stores information about immunizations, including doses and schedule of doses, to help determine which vaccines are currently available and needed.
What is Covid?

How does Covid work?

Who are eligible for Covid registration?

Why register with Covid?

When should you take your vaccines?

What vaccinations do people need in Indonesia

Covid is the first and only vaccine registry for Indonesia. Covid helps to ensure that vaccinations are available for people in Indonesia, and it can help to track the effects of vaccines. Covid also helps to monitor how different vaccines work in order to educate doctors about what happens when they are administered.
What is Covid?

How does it work?

Pros and Cons of this vaccine registry

Poducts that can be found in the registry

Negatives of this registry

Covid is a digital vaccine registry in Indonesia that is available to the public. It was created in 2006 as a part of the national immunization program, and now it provides information on all vaccines, indications for use, doses, lot numbers and expiration dates. This information can be accessed by health professionals and the public, which helps even more while they choose which vaccines they shall use to avoid contracting diseases or other health issues.

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