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Water Purifier: A Boon For Existence

Water Purifier: A Boon For Existence

by Umeeka

With rapid urbanization and technological advancement, it is critical to adapt ourselves to a healthy lifestyle. The beginning of a healthy lifestyle starts with fresh and pure water. Water is the essential source of existence for all the living beings on earth. Therefore, it is crucial to have proper drinking water, which would help in improving health conditions. To consume pure water in today’s world, which is polluted with multiple residues, it is crucial to have a comprehensive water filtration system. People around the world widely accept water purifiers. The craftsmanship of the entire existence of purifiers provides every individual using it with a sense of relief, which ultimately prevents harmful toxins from entering the immune system.

The water purifier is the magical box of filtration that removes undesirable contaminants, chemicals, toxins from the water and makes it drinkable. The contamination is deeply rooted in the growth of civilization and industrialization. Simply speaking, it provides safe drinking water, which would help in maintaining a healthy life. The most advanced way of purifying water is Reverse Osmosis. It forces water to pass through a special fine membrane that eliminates toxins and bacteria which might not be visible to the naked eyes. The membrane removes harmful contaminants, including viruses, microorganisms, bacteria, salt, chemicals from water to make it safe for consumption. The contaminated water passes through polymer sheets to filter out the impurities.       

Without proper maintenance of the Water purifier Mumbai, it will not work properly and produce contaminated water. While talking of maintenance the cost of its service should not be overlooked.

Maintenance Tips For Purifiers

  1. Reading user manual: After purchasing a purifier, reading the user manual provided with i is pivotal. It is loaded with the details of installation, parts, do’s and don’ts, and essential tips for maintaining the purifier. An adequate informed user manual would have proper tips and information regarding common errors. It might also include a proper guideline for replacing filters and cartridges. Moreover, the manual would help in avoiding unnecessary visits of technicians. If you want to opt for water purifier Mumbai servicing, you should get in touch with the best!
  2. Changing Filters: With the advancement of technology in water purification systems, we have been blessed with RO water purifiers. It comes with three to twelve levels of purification technology. It includes a Sediment filter, Carbon filter, RO membrane. It is extremely crucial to replace the filters every three months to have a smooth experience. As the contaminants might clog the filters after a certain period, that might drastically impact water flow and its purity. The standard time for changing each of the mentioned filters and RO membrane are:  
  1. Pre-Filter: 6 months
  2. Sediment Filter: 12 months
  3. Pre-RO Carbon Filter: 12 months
  4. RO Membrane: 2-3 years
  5. Post-RO Carbon Filter or Polishing Filter: 12 months 

If the filters are not replaced on time, the impurities will get deposited on the surface of the filter and would ultimately get mixed with the purified water. Therefore, a choked filter and membrane would consume more time for filtration to produce the same amount of water. This would lead to unnecessary wastage of electricity. Apart from that, a choked membrane would filter out less water and produce more wastewater than a properly working purifier.

  • Cleaning the device:  As much as it is essential to have a purifier, it is crucial to keep it clean and sanitized. Cleaning the device would ensure its longevity and proper service. It might be appropriate to sanitize the entire device while replacing the filters. Sanitization of pipes can be done every two years.RO usually has multiple internal pipes connecting one purification stage with another one. Ideally, all the internal pipes should be cleaned while being replaced by the technicians because it requires some assembly and disassembly

Microbial contamination might change the taste and smell of water, which might provide a foul-smelling output. This happens when water is stored for a long time. Therefore, it is appropriate to vacant the water storage tank and fills it with fresh water.

  • Noticing leakages: The magical device might face certain issues if not taken care of. As a result, it might have certain drips and leakages. Taking professional help on time would save the device from damage. Leakages might seem simple, but they might cause serious damages if not fixed with prompt action. A proper check-up by the technician would safeguard the device from further damage
  • Protecting the exterior: The device should be kept under proper care internally and externally. It is equally vital enough to keep the exterior clean. The external water dispensing tap should be kept clean to avoid any kind of water contamination. The cleaning would ensure a brand new appearance with no risk of contamination
  • Automatic filter change alert: Over a decade, there has been a lot of advancement in a RO water purifier. Many well-known companies like Kent, HUL, Eureka Forbes have produced advanced purifiers. Kent grand plus, Kent Superb Star, etc., are some of the most advanced purifiers. These purifiers come with features like UV failure and filter change alarm. This feature alerts the user to change the required filter on time, ensuring a hassle-free service                     

Water purifiers will provide smooth performance only if certain maintenance tips and techniques back it up. Actively, maintaining the water purifier would ensure pure drinking water and proper service life. 

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